Hamid Sulaiman

Hamid Sulaiman drawings

Posted 2017-06-06

Hamid Sulaiman is a Syrian painter and illustrator, currently living in Paris. He will present his first comic book ‘Freedom Hospital’.
Sulaiman found inspiration for the book from true stories of people around him, from the beginning of the war in Syria, the first peaceful protests of 2011 to the first signs of IS.
The book tells the story of Freedom Hospital, a clandestine hospital founded by a peaceful activist, Yasmine, in an imaginary city similar to many small towns in Syrian provinces ... In the hospital Yasmine lives together with a dozen characters, patients and caregivers. They reflect the diversity of the Syrian society: a Kurd, an Alawite, a French-Syrian journalist, members of the free army and a radical Islamist.
Their relationship will evolve based on events. Political commitment, betrayal, alliances and the horror of war are the core of the story of this group of people, puppets of history, caught in a storm that goes far beyond imagination.
With this terrible story, staged by expressionist manner, with very strong light contrasts who drown the people and the city in a flood of light and shadow, Hamid Sulaiman shouts against war, for love and peace.