Director Hussam Farhani
A French and Qatari Algerian co-production film
The language of the film is Arabic / English / French

143 desert street

In the middle of the desolation of the Algerian Sahara, Malika runs a simple shop. Truck drivers, fortune seekers and adventurers can get a cup of tea, an omelet, cigarettes or a bottle of water. Malika sees them coming through the square windows in the walls and watches them as they leave. A chair is always available next to her, at the small table against the wall.
Those who don't know her yet are curious about this woman here alone. Does she have no family, no children? She answers the same kind of questions over and over again, telling her story over and over again. Or - for a change from boredom or annoyance - a variation on it.
Director Hassan Ferhani patiently records the conversations. This slowly creates a layered impression of this autonomous woman in a world that seems to be out of time. Yet the present also comes in this corner, in the form of a large petrol station with a restaurant, which rises right next to the shop of Malika. The camera barely leaves the teahouse and records the fleeting conversations with great empathy. A film about old things that pass. Melancholy and nostalgia predominate.


You can watch the film online on 21.04 at eight o'clock in the evening via the attached link