from 26 October till 11 November
de Warande/UGC Turnhout



Colonial Ghosts, Smoking Guns and Cartoons

Arab Cartoon Festival surveys contemporary forms of colonization


A third edition of the Arab Cartoon Festival could not wait long after the success of the previous edition. Once again, the Festival is coming up with an urgent and compelling social theme: the new colonisations.


Today we assume that we have left the 'colonial period' behind us, partly since the establishment of the United Nations (1945), which saw decolonization as one of its starting pillars. We were taught that after the two great wars, man found recovery in the global spread of democracy - the just summum that was also symbolized in a real UN Charter.


However, the UN system has been questioned several times in recent decades. All the more because 'postcolonial' does not mean that the world is free from union. Not only do we look into the stubborn remnants of old colonisations, but new forms of colonization have appeared in the meantime. For example, today we have more and more to do with 'internal colonization' without direct evidence: in twice the same Syria, North Korea, Egypt and many other countries, tyrannical regimes seem 'protected' by big brother, Russia. This raises once again the question of what the real decisiveness of the UN as a global institution that should be a guarantee for peace and security. The international community does not succeed in intervening where old and new slavery popping up.


In this third edition, therefore, we not only want to address the colonial 'past', but also look at these contemporary internal colonial systems. Cartoonists from all over the world will be present again through stimulating cartoons of interactive workshops, insightful interviews and videos and intense talks. Together with schools and university students and the various public, we look at the future of the UN and the way in which new colonization systems in both the MONA region and the EU are in place.