Arab Cartoon Festival IV

Arab Cartoon Festival is at its fourth edition. Artists from the Middle East and North Africa meet with colleagues from Belgium and the EU in an artistic dialogue that aim to open gates for better relation that can bring beautiful artistic experience from diverse places from Belgium and the Arab World.

As we name each year of the festival regarding the recent social and political changes inside our society -and-  in the relation between east and west :

this edition is called Lost in translation as a continuity for the last chapters of the festival,lost in translation will focus on the identical issues in Belgium with a special spot on the identical crisis of refugees who became a part of our society ,this issue can not be separated from a parallel question of being a belgian or from EU or Flemish or wallonie ,this edition offers five performances, concert, two exhibitions and several masterclasses. These will show what has been lost between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and  offer a way to rebuild this connection for a better future.

Ali Nazir Ali

Artistic Directeur vzw Omnes