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Three women share an apartment in Tel Aviv. Leila, Salma and Noor. The first woman, Leila, is a chain-smoking, unrestrained lawyer. The second is a Christian, lesbian dj. The third is a devoted, well-behaved Muslima who is being kept down by her future husband. The moviemaker knows how to avoid obvious twists, she finds other turns throughout the characters instead. The nightlife in Tel Aviv is one of those turns. Despite Tel Aviv being a city, it is also a character in the movie. It’s like the magic land of Oz for young people who try to escape the depressing society of the countryside. The director does not avoid sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. It’s an intriguing, feminine, energetic portrait of the clash between cultures in Tel Aviv. Openings movie MOOOV 2017.

Arabic speaking / Dutch subtitle

DIRECTOR: Maysaloun Hamoud
Israel, 2016, 96 minutes