October 6 at 20h45
Music at de Warande - Kuub


Borders Behind by Adnan Joubran

Adnan Joubran is an oud player who enriches his music with influences from flamenco, jazz and classical music. His debut album not only shows his lyrics and thoughtful compositions, but also his enthusiasm for making new music in dialogue with other musicians.
Adnan Joubran is the youngest of the three brothers who together form Trio Joubran. You may know this trio of their performance in Warande in early 2016 Trio Joubran is world renowned for their traditional contemporary music. Now, after playing for over 10 years with his brothers concerts all over the world, it’s time to look for his own musical identity.
In that quest he embraces other traditions such as Indian music, flamenco, jazz and classics. On Borders Behind, his debut album, we hear fantastic collaborations with the French cellist Valentine Moussou, the tabloid player Prabhu Edouard and the Spanish saxophonist Jorge Pardo.
His musical color palette has widened, become richer and warmer and is penetrated by respect, love and hope. Highly recommended!
Tickets: https://goo.gl/7kADFB
19 euro // +60: 17 euro /
-19 and students: 12 euro