October 6 - 21
de Warande - Luifelzaal
during opening hours
of de Warande

Expo 2017

The core of the festival exists of fifty cartoons. Sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic. These cartoons show you how the people of the MENA (Middle-East and Nord-Africa) experience and interpret humor. In six short movies the cartoonists talk about their artwork, the themes they play and struggle with and how a cartoonist leads his of her life.
Via interactive whiteboards you can draw a cartoon or ‘send’ a message to other visitors, to Turnhout, to the ‘world’. In the fashion room you’ll be offered a unique chance to dress in the traditional and modern clothing of the people living in the MENA. Interwoven within all this, you will come across the intervention of three visual artists and one photographer. The work of Manaf Halbouni and Bob Peeters makes us spread out our wings and look for relationships with the surrounding streets and some partner institutions from the city of Turnhout. As such you will find some ‘cars’ at Taxandria Museum and Speelkaartenmuseum. And there’s a series of photos presented in different store windows of shops.


free entrance