Expo:Opening 26th october until 11th November
Opening 26th October at 19:00
de Warande - Luifelzaal
during opening hours of de Warande

Expo 2018

The selection of this year goes back to 18 centuries until now day,the best that can describe our new theme,Arab Cartoon Festival are working also on the way of installation for the cartoons,we are trying to bring cartoon more as modern art and installations.It was not a coincidence that our collection from last year was chosen to the official celebration of the world press freedom day at Bozar.

This year Cartoons will turn to be installations,the expo will be a one art piece to tell a complete story hosting our visitors in a warm atmosphere where you can read and play and go deep in the worlds of comic and cartoon,on oriental carpets and comfortable belows you can bring your kids to have a lot of fun.

free entrance