26 June until 5 August
opening hours 8:00AM to 8:00PM

Going Home Exhibition

In the frame of StadsToeren festival Omnes organises a cartoon exhibition at stadspark Turnhout with theme Going Home:
The idea of home has inspired a range of imaginative and playful works by artists across the globe. Exploring how artists have engaged with this theme in different contexts—from mobile homes and beach houses to haunted houses and broken homes—Going Home explores our complex relationships with the idea of home, and the equally complex responses in which gender, race, class, location and status overlap, and that through these relationships we turn a specific place into a home. Through an examination of the questions: “How does contemporary art address the idea of home? How do artists working today reveal and question commonly held assumptions about land, home, exile, and migration?”Invited artists will address their own ideas of home, making work employing a wide range of Comics and cartoons in an open space exhibition at Stadspark.

Hanna Van Dun - Belgium
Ruth Govaerts - Belgium
The art of boo - Lebanon
Ali Rastroo - Iran
Guffo - Maxico
Ahmed Falah  - Iraq
Omar Adnan Al Abdallat - Jordan
Hani Abbas - Palestine 
Guy Colwell - USA
Miguel Morales Madriga
Timo Essner - Germany
Mikhail Zlatkovsky - Rusland
Khalid Albaih - Sudan
Vasco Gargalo - Portugal
Abdulaziz Dukhan - Syria
Anne Derenne - France

Seyran Caferli - Azerbaijan

This project is partly thanks to the Free Time recovery fund of the City of Turnhout. With this, the city council supports Turnhout associations and organizations financially to create a new dynamic in the city in corona times.

Monument Pro Patria & Politieke Gevangenen 2300 Turnhout