17 till 20 October 2017
UGC Turnhout


Oase Film Festival also takes place during Arab Cartoon this year. The theme of the fi lmfestival is also ‘Cracks in Society’. The festival focuses on the confl icts and fractures in and between our societies. The cultural and political relations between the Middle East, North Africa and Europe are under pressure, not only by the refugee crisis. Many of the fi lms bring characters (often women) to the footlight fi ghting for a personal identity, their own space and diffi cult to acquire freedoms. Intercultural confl icts are felt in an exceptional visual language. In specifi c political contexts, dignity is the beginning of a new identity, the beginning of everything. Now shocking, then humorous, and often based on true-to-life stories. The fi lm festival introduces the rich and diverse MENA kitchen: with a festive buffet at the opening and closing evening, the festival is also a discovery of new tastes.
1 movie: 8,5 euro
5 movies: 40 euro
10 movies: 75 euro