SUN 15 AUGUST 2021 AT 19:00

Swamp concerts : (Sawa) Ayman Nehme and Mohammed Salam

Sawa - which means 'together' in Arabic - normally consists of 4 musicians who come from the Arab region.
They met in Belgium and then started playing classical Arabic music and songs. For the swamp concerts, Ayman Nehme (Oud & vocals) and Mohammed Salam (violin) will exceptionally bring you a repertoire full of enchanting melodies and rhythms as a duo.
The Syrian Ayman Nehme and Mohammed Salam met each other 4 years ago in Belgium through their mutual love for Eastern music.
Ayman, himself an old (oriental lute) player and singer, discovered in Mohammed as a classically trained violinist an ideal partner to accompany him in a wide diversity of Eastern music.
With melodies originally from Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, they take us as listeners on a musical trip through the Middle East.
Sometimes they perform together with kanun player, Ali Shaker, under the name of the 'Wassell trio'.
The videos below will give you an idea:
Ayman Solo:
Wassel trio:
Tickets: €10.0 BASIC TARIFF: €10.00; STUDENTS: 5.00 €; OUTPASS: 2.00 €