October 6 - 21
de Warande - Luifelzaal
during opening hours
of de Warande

The Vulnerability Series by ABDALLA AL OMARI

When some international and national media took notice of a Syrian artist depicting powerful statesmen in vulnerable states (Angela Merkel or Barack Obama being represented as what appear to be ‘refugees’), it went fast for him. Parts of this project called ‘The Vulnerability Series’ has been auctioned by Christies auction House and exhibited at London’s Whitechapel gallery and Affenfaust Galerie in Hamburg. His work goes to the heart of matters dealing with ‘cracks in our societies’. Because Al Omari is so popular, we will exhibit two copies. They will be sold as posters. Abdalla Al Omari was born in Damascus in 1986. In 2009, Al Omari simultaneously graduated from the Damascus University with a degree in English Literature and the Adham Ismail Institute for Visual Arts. Al Omari was recently granted asylum in Belgium and he currently lives and works in Brussels, where he started this project.

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