Swamp concerts : (Sawa) Ayman Nehme and Mohammed Salam

In the frame work of stadstoeren2300 a series of concerts will be presented under the title swamp concerts orgnized by natuurpunt cvn,we choose to give a special focus on middle eastern musicians within this event
Sawa - which means 'together' in Arabic - normally consists of 4 musicians who come from the Arab region. They met in Belgium and then started playing classical Arabic music and songs. For the swamp concerts, Ayman Nehme (Oud & vocals) and Mohammed Salam (violin) will exceptionally bring you a repertoire full of enchanting melodies and rhythms as a duo.
The Syrian Ayman Nehme and Mohammed Salam met each other 4 years ago in Belgium through their mutual love for Eastern music.
Ayman, himself an old (oriental lute) player and singer, discovered in Mohammed as a classically trained violinist an ideal partner to accompany him in a wide diversity of Eastern music.
With melodies originally from Syria, Iraq and Lebanon, they take us as listeners on a musical trip through the Middle East.

Tickets: €10.0 BASIC TARIFF: €10.00; STUDENTS: 5.00 €; OUTPASS: 2.00 €

Going Home Exhibition

In the frame of StadsToeren festival Omnes organises a cartoon exhibition at stadspark Turnhout with theme Going Home:
The idea of home has inspired a range of imaginative and playful works by artists across the globe. Exploring how artists have engaged with this theme in different contexts—from mobile homes and beach houses to haunted houses and broken homes—Going Home explores our complex relationships with the idea of home, and the equally complex responses in which gender, race, class, location and status overlap, and that through these relationships we turn a specific place into a home. Through an examination of the questions: “How does contemporary art address the idea of home? How do artists working today reveal and question commonly held assumptions about land, home, exile, and migration?”Invited artists will address their own ideas of home, making work employing a wide range of Comics and cartoons in an open space exhibition at Stadspark.
Monument Pro Patria & Politieke Gevangenen 2300 Turnhout

Arab Cartoon Festival IV

Arab Cartoon Festival is at its fourth edition. Artists from the Middle East and North Africa meet with colleagues from Belgium and the EU in an artistic dialogue that aim to open gates for better relation that can bring beautiful artistic experience from diverse places from Belgium and the Arab World.
As we name each year of the festival regarding the recent social and political changes inside our society -and- in the relation between east and west :
this edition is called Lost in translation as a continuity for the last chapters of the festival,lost in translation will focus on the identical issues in Belgium with a special spot on the identical crisis of refugees who became a part of our society ,this issue can not be separated from a parallel question of being a belgian or from EU or Flemish or wallonie ,this edition offers five performances, concert, two exhibitions and several masterclasses. These will show what has been lost between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East and offer a way to rebuild this connection for a better future.
Ali Nazir Ali
Artistic Directeur vzw Omnes

Magical Instinct

On the walls of de Warande Schouwburg we are showing a series of exhibitions,getting closer to the women's rights from the MENA region,surprising women, daring comic artists not only subjects but also their drawing styles.
Magical instinct
It is very difficult for women in the MENA to talk about their desire and body needs,but during the arab spring the Arab women started her own fight for her rights, amazing illustrations and comic novelists started to draw about this sensitive subjects depicting nudity,revolution, double standards and
sexual taboos.

19th december 2019
19th February 2020

Al Manara

Al Manara is a musical meeting between Belgian musicians (led by Eloi Baudimont) and Palestinian musicians (led by Ramzi Aburedwan). Baudimont and Aburedwan manage to melt the Palestinian and European music styles beautifully.
de Warande

Lost In Translation

With the identity of newcomers as the theme, we establish links with our own identity.
The fact of Belgium has always provided a layered identity for its inhabitants. You are Flemish and Belgian at the same time. Both Brussels and Flemish. But this is also the case for newcomers. They are Iraqi, but at the same time Flemish. Syrian and at the same time Belgian. Ghanaian and at the same time Kempenaar. Surinamese and at the same time Turnhoutenaar. Identity is not an established fact. Events in our lives determine who we are. The confrontation with others makes us think about ourselves.
warande expozaal

Kloppend Hert & ARSENAAL / LAZARUS - Studio Shehrazade

‘Studio Shehrazade’ by Haider Al Timimi is based on the work of the Libyan Photographer Hasham El Madani. In Beirut he owned a photo studio where people could stage their true nature and secret phantasies. This witty and up tempo performance shows the questions that arise with gender differentiation.
Tuesday april 21 / 8.15 pm / de Warande
de Warande

Khadija El Kharraz Alami - i am Medea now!

In this personal performance Khadija El Kharraz Alami brings the different perspectives in ‘Medea’ by Euripides together with her own story about growing up in two worlds and the clash of forces within ourselves.

Growing up with two worlds is a true wealth. In Now I'm Medea you can see how the character enjoys both the western world and the Moroccan. The many traditions, the differences in culture, speaking different languages, believing or not believing, the music, the food, the freedom, everything has a great influence on her being.

Until these resources collide: she stands in between and tries to hold onto both worlds with all her strength. She grows up, no longer with, but in between those two worlds. The stranger, the other, the lonely species is raised.

Anger and incurable is the anger when lovers collide.
de Warande

tg STAN & Kloppend Hert – Move (on)

The starting point of this performance is the meeting of a group of performers that search for answers to inevitable questions, all from their different artistical practices. Tg STAN collaborates for this piece with nomadic centre for the arts Moussem and Kloppend Hert.

de Warande

Hetpaleis / Simon De Vos – What is the What

The incredible but true story of a refugee becoming a peace ambassador. With Gorges Ocloo in the part of refugee and live music by Mauro Pawlowski.

What is the What is the unlikely story of Valentino Achak Deng, a young Sudanese who has to flee his homeland overnight. A civil war breaks out and Valentino, along with hundreds of other "lost boys", embark on an endless journey of 1500 km in search of a safe place to live. The road is littered with land mines, hungry lions, hostile militias, and the boy is catapulted from one unreal situation to another.
de Warande


Choreographer Radouan Mriziga used rap music as an inspiration for ‘8.2’. Together with seven young dancers he focused on what made rap unique: the rhythm, the flow, the statements, the gestures en history of the grandmasters till Kendrick Lamar.

de Warande


The exhibition presents different works by seven artists from the kempen region , the region where the Arab Cartoon Festival is based. The exhibition seeks to refer to these young artists who were distinguished among their colleagues, despite their relatively young age. The works of Ella Joris and Hanna Van Dunn, who participated in the Master Classes at Arab cartoon festival,this amazing Flemish artists worked directly with Khaled Albiah, Sara Al-Qaed, the great Emad Hajjaj, surelrly with Kianoush.,

exhibition: 30.06. - 18.08.19 from 10 am to 5 pm


The Middle East is in turmoil. We see civil wars in Syria, Libya and Yemen, and cold wars between Turkey and Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran. ISIS is defeated militarily but the ideology is far from dead. Even though all this is happening in Europe's neighbourhood, it is not easy to understand what exactly is going on and where the origins of the conflicts lie. In this series of unique Middle East Masterclasses, acknowledged experts on the region will explain the geopolitics of the region, what is happening below the surface and what we can expect for the future.
14 FEBRUARY ’19 — 02 MAY ’19


Saudi Arabia has often been declared a “democracy blocker” and “counter-revolutionary” force in the Middle East and North Africa. This assumption should be challenged with a more nuanced understanding of Saudi foreign policy that goes beyond a narrative of “good democracy promoters” and “bad democracy blockers” for the region. Understanding that Saudi foreign policy is an elite-led enterprise that is “interest driven” rather than ideologically tied to a Wahhabi ideology allows for more nuance to emerge.
Thu 2 May 2019
19:30→ 21:00
Bozar - Terarken


Free entrance for students: registration required + presentation of student card on the evening itself.


Halfway into Donald Trump’s four-year term as president of the United States, the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is, irrefutably, dead. Its final deathblow came in the form of the White House’s embrace of a hardline Israeli ideology – which today likewise dominates the Government of Israel – that rejects both the premises and goals of the Oslo process, including the framework of land-for-peace, the goal of a negotiated two-state solution, and the very legitimacy of Palestinians' claims to national political aspirations. For all who reject zero-sum outcomes in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this is an historic moment of both peril and opportunity: the way forward on Israel-Palestine, and how it fits into and impacts on the broader regional picture, is now uncharted territory.
Wed 3 Apr 2019
19:30→ 21:00


Tickets available on the following link:

Free entrance for students: registration required + presentation of student card on the evening itself.


When the revolutions that came to be known as the Arab Spring began in Tunisia in 2010 and spread to several countries around the world, they inspired millions and galvanized the world. But they were missing one essential element: gender equality. The calls for the downfall of the regime were legitimate and remain so to this day, because the State oppresses everyone. But if the State oppresses everyone – men and women – it must be remembered that the State, along with the Street and the Home, together oppress women. And unless the dictator in the presidential palace, on the street corner, and in the bedroom are not overthrown, no one will be free.
Tue 12 Mar 2019
19:30→ 21:00


Free entrance for students: registration required + presentation of student card on the evening itself.


Today there are civil wars in Syria, Yemen and Libya. Every one of them is also a proxy war between countries and ideologies. This means that conflict in the region is much broader than these civil wars. We also see that the tension between countries and between non-state actors in the Middle East is only increasing. The discourse between Saudi Arabia and Iran or Israel and Iran is hardening. However, these are not the only possible future conflicts. Koert Debeuf will give an overview of where we might expect new wars in the Middle East in the near future and how this will affect Europe.
Thu 28 Feb 2019
19:30→ 21:00
Bozar - Terarken


Free entrance for students: registration required + presentation of student card on the evening itself.


In Arab countries, openly declaring disbelief in God is a shocking and sometimes dangerous thing to do. Many have been imprisoned for it, some have been forced into exile and others threatened with execution. And yet, in a region where the influence of religion is almost inescapable, growing numbers of Arabs are claiming a right to believe – or disbelieve – as they see fit.
Thu 14 Feb 2019
19:30→ 21:30


Free entrance for students: registration required + presentation of student card on the evening itself.


Colonial Ghosts, Smoking Guns and Cartoons
Arab Cartoon Festival surveys contemporary forms of colonization

A third edition of the Arab Cartoon Festival could not wait long after the success of the previous edition. Once again, the Festival is coming up with an urgent and compelling social theme: the new colonisations.

Expo 2018

The selection of this year goes back to 18th centuries until now day,the best that can describe our new theme,Arab Cartoon Festival are working also on the way of installation for the cartoons,we are trying to bring cartoon more as modern art and installations.It was not a coincidence that our collection from last year was chosen to the official celebration of the world press freedom day at Bozar.
free entrance

Art camp: Telling stories with images

... "Do you enjoy traveling? In your head, to a foreign country, or just with pencil on paper? Are you a true storyteller, with or without words to use?

During the autumn holidays we organize two creative days where you start with word and image under supervision.

Element of:
Arab Cartoon Festival
You will also visit our exhibition 'Lolo's Entanglements' in the Expo Hall and the cartoon exhibition of Arab Cartoon Festival.

for whom: children from 8 to 12 years (3rd to 6th grade)
when: 1 + 2 November (during the autumn holidays)
What time: from 10 am to 5 pm, no pre- and after-care is provided
what to bring: an apron, sandwiches, 2 drinks and 2 snacks
price: 25 euros, max. 10 participants
Inscription at info@omnesvzw.be

Comics By Newcomers (arrived! or yet?)

Comic Workshop
As part of the Arab Cartoon Festival workshop program organized by Omnes, Nanoe Carremans together with a group of volunteers from Dinamo are welcoming you to put your ideas in a comic story, a lot of fun with creating new imaginary caricatures,maybe the sprayman or the superfantasticgirl,maybe you choose to talk about a story from your daily life, traveling on foot or swimming,all possibilities are open!
Very limited places
Inscription: info@omnesvzw.be

Cartoon as Installation

Visual Art workshop leaded by Bart nijboer our surprising artist will train a group of newcomers as they will work on specific artistic ideas which will be developed with their growing team of participants.
Bart Nijboer believes in art as the best way to learn and communicate,he will focus on the participants,their credibility and techniques.


de WarandeFor the third year The Arab Cartoon Festival open its doors to cultures from around the world, a place where you share different opinion,explaining where it come from and why you think that you have the right point of view . Cartoon is a tool to communicate, breaking the wall of different languages a simple drawing full of emotions that can translate the deepest feeling where words stands helpless, a high dose of fun full of laugh and joy as a great way to learn and change,to inspire our minds.


For the third year Arab Cartoon Festival invites Cartoonists from MENA with cartoonist from Belgium and the rest of the world,The yearly talk is the space where cartoonists express the story behind their drawing,how they build the scene and where there jokes comes from,between a talk and a stand up comedy our cartoonists go far with there discussion which is open to include the public,it can not be more funny than a cartoonist being the cartoon on a stage

Fascinating speakers will share their experiences in the world of cartoons. Expect a unique political debate, with plenty of drama, a lot of humor and some sarcasm.

With: Luc Descheemaeker, Pascal Lemaître, Kianoush Ramizani, Doaa Eladl and Omar Alabdallat,Barrak Rima.
Free entrance, registration mandatory.

My face (Theater workshop ends with theater play)

Workshop dates: every thursday
starting from 19 september until 18 October
From 13:00 until 17:00

-3 Master- is a primary school with special educational system for students aged between 2.5 and 13 years old, for children who can not continue their education because of a problem in learning, growth or disability. Het gevolg Theater works in cooperation with the Arab Cartoon Festival to realize a theater play called “my face” . This presentation comes as part of a long-term relationship between the Het gevolg Theater and the school in cooperation with the Arab Cartoon Festival

Annick De Houwer, the supervisor teacher from Kasterlee city where the - 3 Master - school is located about cooperation:

The most beautiful moments of the project in the previous stage when Stefan chose a child who was the most vulnerable of the rest of the students, I did not see any hope in the implementation of the child to the show, but Stefan insisted on his choice and after a lot of strenuous exercise, the child completed complex movements in fully correct way, during exercises i sat next to the parents of the girl and they were whispering how their child stood with such brilliance and strength

Mother and three soldiers

Text : Ernest Claes
Performance: Mieke De Groote
Directed by Stefan Percival

A farm in the Campen region in the autumn of 1917 A widow and her daughter receive a message from the postman of the village: that three German soldiers will be staying in her shed, fleeing from the raging war, which seems to have no end. The mother was not bothered by the war. She has enough difficulties in her farm. , But what worried her was the meeting of these soldiers with her young daughter,also her two sons would be in daily danger because of the presence of those soldiers,in daily basis with non specific period.

An amazing text by Ernst Claes, who takes that shocking situation as his starting point, meeting the strangers in a sudden causes uncomfortable situation but that reaction is logical and understandable,aren't we all worried to meet new things? Does this encounter turn from fear into a state full of love and emotions? Can the first encounter become an attraction? But is it expected that the family meeting with the soldiers will become hateful automatically? Why do some meetings succeed and others do not even get a chance? Is it our nature as people who can change the course of events? How do people in such a situation in a raging war change themselves? How can people from different contexts meet as they meet a child born now.

The famous actress Mieke de Grotte is the mother in our play, who is known through her television roles as the series of the island and a series of flesh and blood and other television roles

After directing many of a very known theater plays, my mother, Peter and the wire of death, Witt is always clean, Stephan returns to direct this text to explore the meaning of loneliness and living with group.

highly recommended

Expo 2017

The core of the festival exists of fifty cartoons. Sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic. These cartoons show you how the people of the MENA (Middle-East and Nord-Africa) experience and interpret humor. In six short movies the cartoonists talk about their artwork, the themes they play and struggle with and how a cartoonist leads his of her life.....
free entrance

The Wall

Last summer Cleon Peterson presented his new tentary 'Blood & Soil' in Los Angeles. And bring you some works to the Belgian public.

Peterson links in his work between historical violent acts and the contemporary violence in his country, the US. But even better is his work on evolutions in Europe. Peterson is known as painter and sinister violence. His color palette is limited to black, white, gray and bright red and emphasizes the atrocities that HE portrays.
This collection is chosen by Ali Nazir Ali the art director of Omnes vzw.
the work of Cleon will be in different location in Turnhout to be seen.


Cracks in Society / Barsten in de Samenleving
On Friday October 6th the second edition of Arab Cartoon Festival starts in de Warande. This annual festival aims to build bridges between the Arabic countries and the Belgian society. It does so not only on the level of the cartoonists presented. Cartoons are also a starting point to unravel the (stereo)typical ‘characteristics’ of (the relation between) our different societies.

The Perfect Arab Artist by SIRINE FATTOUH

On display are two original series of personalized national and international postage stamps that Fattouh produced in 2014. One of the countries is Belgium.
The Perfect Arab Artist, as an art installation, critically deals with what is expected of an Arab artist. As such it also refers to the image(s) that Arab artists distribute of themselves in order to answer to an existing demand in the art market. Sirine Fattouh is a Lebanese artist born in 1980 and living between Paris and Beirut. Her work, as an artist and researcher, consists of examining the consequences of violence and displacements on people’s identities.
free entrance

People like you and me (see-through-photos) by BOB PEETERS

And then we were in Turnhout! Family pictures as you can find them at home. Photographer Bob Peeters made studio photos for families who seek asylum in Belgium. Simple, but also highly recognizable. Children, parents and grand-parents were depicted with much regard and respect. You won’t find any references to conflicts or specific wars. Life goes on.
free entrance

The Vulnerability Series by ABDALLA AL OMARI

When some international and national media took notice of a Syrian artist depicting powerful statesmen in vulnerable states (Angela Merkel or Barack Obama being represented as what appear to be ‘refugees’), it went fast for him. Parts of this project called ‘The Vulnerability Series’ has been auctioned by Christies auction House and exhibited at London’s Whitechapel gallery and Affenfaust Galerie in Hamburg. His work goes to the heart of matters dealing with ‘cracks in our societies’. Because Al Omari is so popular, we will exhibit two copies. They will be sold as posters. Abdalla Al Omari was born in Damascus in 1986. In 2009, Al Omari simultaneously graduated from the Damascus University with a degree in English Literature and the Adham Ismail Institute for Visual Arts. Al Omari was recently granted asylum in Belgium and he currently lives and works in Brussels, where he started this project.
free entrance

Nowhere is Home by MANAF HALBOUNI

A car loaded with personal belongings has turned into a living room - an impossible house for a “modern nomade that can not hear and grow.” ‘Nowhere is Home’ is a moving testament to loss, resilience and hope for more than 50 million displaced people around the world. Manaf Halbouni is a German- Syrian installation artist who currently lives in Dresden. Most often he works with concrete. For him it symbolizes both power as resistance. His ‘Monument Dresden’ installed on the market of Dresden attracted a lot of attention. Another variant of ‘Nowhere is Home’ from 2015 was exhibited in the Museum der Bildenden Künste in Leipzig in 2016.

Borders Behind by Adnan Joubran

Adnan Joubran is an oud player who enriches his music with influences from flamenco, jazz and classical music. His debut album not only shows his lyrics and thoughtful compositions, but also his enthusiasm for making new music in dialogue with other musicians. Adnan Joubran is the youngest of the three brothers who together form Trio Joubran. You may know this trio of their performance in Warande in early 2016 Trio Joubran is world renowned for their traditional contemporary music. Now, after playing for over 10 years with his brothers concerts all over the world, it’s time to look for his own musical identity. In that quest he embraces other traditions such as Indian music, flamenco, jazz and classics. On Borders Behind, his debut album, we hear fantastic collaborations with the French cellist Valentine Moussou, the tabloid player Prabhu Edouard and the Spanish saxophonist Jorge Pardo. His musical color palette has widened, become richer and warmer and is penetrated by respect, love and hope. Highly recommended!
Tickets: https://goo.gl/7kADFB
19 euro // +60: 17 euro /
-19 and students: 12 euro


The invited cartoonists Khalid Albaih, Sara Qaed and Emad Hajjaj will be your introducers into the fabulous world of cartoons. Together with an educator they will guide you through the unknown, on the crossroads between the Arabic worlds and Belgium. You will work with the materials, art forms and themes of the festival. You will find different ways to manifest your position and identity in this world. Included themes: the confrontation and dialogue between diverse cultures, the refugee debate.

35 euro // +60: 30 euro /
-19 and students: 15 euro


These intriguing speakers will share their experiences from the world of cartoon. Expect a sharp political debate, part drama, part comedy and sarcasm. As such this evening will linger between lecture, performance and upright dialogue.
Marc De Cloedt
Kim DuChateau
Pascal lemaitre
Khalid Albaih
Sara Qaed
Emad Hajjaj
free entrance


This stunning performance, in a magical and poetic scenery, made by the Lebanese collectif Kahraba, is a calls for peace. Hetpaleis starts a brand-new festival in October: Mind the World. The Warande chose ‘Paysages de nos larmes’, made by Collective Kahraba, to add to the Arab Cartoon Festival- program because of the openness and dialogue that comes with the performance. A bumpy relief. The performance tries to sketch the inner landscape of biblical figure Job. Job is a broken man, who tries to keep his thoughts together. With his words, he searches for beauty and hope. Human kind, it’s a miracle on earth. Masked and moving bodies, projections, objects and dolls are singing a beautiful song in this visual poem. The performance is set against a restless background that sketches the history of Beirut.
Tickets: https://goo.gl/C9qMPe


The quest for what binds people together will challenge your view on our society. In Arab land the people are strong and tall. Proud and sentimental. Open minded and almost perfect. In Neverland the people are soft and beautiful. Rich and enterprising. Rather closed and also almost perfect. In Belgium it rains. Haider shaves his toes, waiting for spring. The Iraqi, who lives in Ghent, Haider Al Timimi searches for freedom and the possibility to be who you want to be by combining variety and stand-up.
Tickets: https://goo.gl/cN6x9X


He may look like Mario from Super Mario Bros. Even with his coddy mustache, Lefto is the hottest early bird of the entire Stubru spectrum. No one who feels the musical currents so well. He is widely known, also internationally. Recently, his relays about world cities such as Los Angeles, Seoul, London and our own Brussels appeared as ‘In Transit’ on Canvas. Lefto has for years been planning an upcoming artist with a urban or jazz scene in Ghent and at the Dour Festival. In earlier times, the devoted dj was focusing on hip hop, but today it goes from Turkish folk songs to electronics from LA and Berlin house. Should we say that box thinking is not spent on Lefto? World class!
Tickets: https://goo.gl/pBQGq3

cooking workshops

de Warande
Take part in one of the 5 cooking workshops and experience the (MONA countries) cooking style!
Cooking together is always generous. With the tips of our sympathetic chef from Syria, your cooking workshop becomes a learning experience to never forget. And of course there are also cozy wet tables.

One of the cooking workshops is especially for children from 9 to 14 years old.
Maximum 15 people per workshop. With a minimum of 5 registrations per workshop.

Each participant must sign up separately.

Price: € 35
KIDS cooking workshop (9 to 14 years): € 20
Pay at the start of the workshop at:
Omnes vzw bank account: BE 82 004 3699 1868

inscribe: https://goo.gl/iEBM4P


How can we bridge the gap between European fashion and fashion from other continents? What inspires you to create a garment? Which mode you want to create?

In this workshop we will look for clothing examples that inspire us. We experiment with new forms and techniques: photo printing on fabrics via computer, printer and press, printing with paint, pleating ...
For the execution, everything is possible: scarves, jackets, skirts, pants, jewelry ... according to your own wishes and possibilities. The result can be portable or risky.

Materials, equipment, paint ... are available. The results are shown on the Arab Cartoon Festival in October.

The workshop will be led by fashion designer Anita Evenepoel. Anita has been more than 30 years as an independent textile and fashion designer. She teaches at the Academy in Antwerp, fashion and jewelery department and at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (Fashion Matters).
Assistance: Wajeb Azouz, fashion designer from Aleppo, Syria. Wajeb studied Fashion 5 years and works as a fashion designer and tailor.



Hazem Alhamwi is a Syrian satirical cartoonist, painter and film producer. Currently he lives in Berlin. His movie ‘From My Syrian Room’ will be shown, followed by a discussion in presence of Hazem Alhamwi.
22 MAY 2016 - 15h


Hala Alabdalla is a Syrian/French film producer. She made various movies including ‘As If We Were Catching A Cobra’. This movie will be shown, followed by a discussion about the theme in presence of Hala Alabdalla.
Inspired by events surrounding the Danish Mohammed cartoons, Syrian filmmaker Hala Alabdalla interviews
14 MAY 2016 - 19h30


Hamid Sulaiman is a Syrian painter and illustrator, currently living in Paris. He will present his first comic book ‘Freedom Hospital’.
Sulaiman found inspiration for the book from true stories of people around him, from the beginning of the war in Syria, the first peaceful protests of 2011 to the first signs of IS.
The book tells the story of Freedom Hospital, a clandestine hospital founded by a peaceful activist, Yasmine, in an imaginary city similar to many small towns in Syrian provinces .
6 MAY 2016 - 19h30