Nothing in director Nadine Labaki’s first two pleasant but tonally inconsistent features, “Caramel” and “Where Do We Go Now?,” approaches the power and skill of “Capernaum,” which represents a major leap forward in all departments. Proving herself an astonishingly accomplished director of non-professional performers as well as a measured storyteller, Labaki draws attention to the plight of children in Beirut’s slums and the Kafka-esque bind of people without ID cards. While this is unquestionably an issue film, it tackles its subject with intelligence and heart.
Film by: Nadine Labaki
Libanon, 2018, 123 minuten


The stories of five people are connected, even though they've never met. For 30 years, their lives have touched one another in Casablanca. The city, like the Hollywood film named for it, is a point of reference and inspiration: vibrant and rough, inviting yet unforgiving. Nabil Ayouch is one of the directors defining new Moroccan cinema.
Woens 7 November 14:00
Cinema UGC Turnhout


Tony Hanna is a Lebanese Christian and devoted member of the Christian Party, with a pregnant wife, Shirine. Not wanting workers near his property when Shirine is there, Tony discovers contractors modifying the gutter on his balcony. Tony smashes the gutter, to which the worker Yasser Abdallah Salameh calls Tony a "fucking prick". Tony recognizes Yasser as a Palestinian refugee by his accent; he watches anti-Palestinian propaganda and wishes for all Palestinians to leave the country. Although the balcony was in violation of building codes and the workers were fixing it, Tony demands an apology for the "fucking prick" remark from the company. The employers bring Yasser to Tony's garage to apologize in person; but when Tony states he wishes Israeli statesman Ariel Sharon had exterminated all Palestinians, Yasser punches him instead, breaking two ribs.
Thursday 8 November 20:00
Cinema UGC Turnhout


Abu Shadi, 65, is a divorced father and a school teacher living in Nazareth. After his daughter’s wedding in one month he will be living alone. Shadi, his architect son, arrives from Rome after years abroad to help his father in hand delivering the wedding invitations to each guest as per local Palestinian custom. As the estranged pair spend the day together, the tense details of their relationship come to a head challenging their fragile and very different lives.
Friday 9 November 14:00
Cinema UGC Turnhout


Furtive fucking in the back of a van: this is what Sarah and Saleem’s relationship consists of. A few times a week, when Sarah has closed her café and Saleem is done with his delivery rounds. It might be better if they didn’t do it – they are both married, and so are risking their domestic happiness. But what makes the affair even more daring is that she's Jewish and he's Palestinian. In divided Jerusalem, this goes way beyond the private. Then Sarah and Saleem are seen together in a club in Bethlehem, and it’s not long before Saleem has the security services from both sides breathing down his neck. A simple extramarital affair becomes a spy sensation, which is given an extra political dimension by the fact that Sarah’s husband is a high-ranking officer in the Israeli army. This crippling supervision of the personal – in the form of state surveillance and social control – on both sides of the wall dividing Israel and Palestine was previously tackled by director Muayad Alayan in several short films, as well as in his feature Love, Theft and Other Entanglements (2015). His brother and regular filmmaking partner Rami wrote the screenplay for The Reports on Sarah and Saleem, their second feature, which leads us step by step into a world where it is all but impossible not to get caught up in politics.
Woen 7 November 20:00
UGC Turnhout


A Tunisian couple in late middle age, Riadh (Mohamed Dhrif) and Nazli (Mouna Mejri), are worried about their 19-year-old son, Sami (Zakaria Ben Ayed). Assailed by migraines, nausea and dark mood swings, Sami may just be anxious about his upcoming college entrance exams, or he could be sickening with something more serious. As Riadh prepares to retire from his job as a crane operator on the Tunis docks, times are hard and money is tight. But these doting parents still scrape together every penny they can to secure medical help for their only child.

One night, Sami disappears from the family apartment without warning. He leaves behind a curt note explaining that he has fled to Syria to join a jihadi group, unnamed in the film but clearly based on Islamic State. Riadh and Nazli are shattered, shellshocked, numb with disbelief. Eventually, a desperate Riadh borrows money from friends and blows the last of his meager retirement funds to turn detective, retracing Sami's journey to the border crossing between Turkey and Syria.
Friday 9 November 20:00
UGC Turnhout


Oase Film Festival also takes place during Arab Cartoon this year. The theme of the fi lmfestival is also ‘Cracks in Society’. The festival focuses on the confl icts and fractures in and between our societies. The cultural and political relations between the Middle East, North Africa and Europe are under pressure, not only by the refugee crisis. Many of the fi lms bring characters (often women) to the footlight fi ghting for a personal identity, their own space and diffi cult to acquire freedoms. Intercultural confl icts are felt in an exceptional visual language. In specifi c political contexts, dignity is the beginning of a new identity, the beginning of everything. Now shocking, then humorous, and often based on true-to-life stories. The fi lm festival introduces the rich and diverse MENA kitchen: with a festive buffet at the opening and closing evening, the festival is also a discovery of new tastes.
1 movie: 8,5 euro
5 movies: 40 euro
10 movies: 75 euro


While outside bombs go off and snipers are on alert, a family hides day and night in their apartment in Damascus. Oum Yazan, the mother of three children, tries desperately to keep her family alive. She waits nervously for her husband to come home, will he come? Is it her husband who knocks on the door, or is it an outsider, a threat or attack? The family lives in constant anxiety, fear and danger. Philippe Van Leeuw shows how an extreme situation leads to extreme emotions and behaviour. Each decision can be vital for their survival.

Arabic speaking / Dutch subtitle
DIRECTOR: Philippe Van Leeuw
Belgium, 2017, 85 minutes


Archaeologist Jamel goes too Algeria to excavate ruins near the old Roman city Timgad. Once he’s there, he became the trainer of the local soccer club ‘La Juventus de Timgad’ for a while. He can rely on eleven players of 12 years old: boys who live dull lives, who doesn’t own shirts nor shoes, but have an abundant amount of talent. But their best player turns out to be a girl. Between the remains of the Antiquity Jamel discovers weird twists of origins and a faltering Algeria looking for reconcilement… as soccer champion. A light movie about gender equality and (religious) tolerance. A simple but also touching comedy.

Arabic speaking / Dutch subtitle
DIRECTOR: Fabrice Benchaouche
France, 2016, 101 minutes


The reason of this suspense movie, directed by the Swedish director Tarik Saleh, is a true murder case which held the Egyptian media under its spell. Noredin, an ordinary corrupt police detective in Cairo, fills his salary by bribing small shop owners and criminals. One night a murder case is assigned to him. The body of a singer is found in the Nile Hilton hotel. At first, it looked like a ‘crime passionel’, but after a while the trail leads to the Egyptian elite. The film won the Grand Jury-prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

Arabic speaking / Dutch subtitle
DIRECTOR: Tarik Saleh
Sweden, 2017, 111 minutes


Director Raed Andoni places an advertisement in the newspaper of Ramallah. He’s searching for old-residents of the Moskobiya interrogating-centre in Jerusalem. He is looking for men who have experience as crafting, architecture or acting. After a casting, Raed builds a replica of the interrogation rooms and -cells of the centre in a hall – under surveillance of the ex-prisoners and based on their memories.

Arabic speaking / Dutch subtitle
DIRECTOR: Raed Andoni
Palestine, 2017, 94 minutes


Three women share an apartment in Tel Aviv. Leila, Salma and Noor. The first woman, Leila, is a chain-smoking, unrestrained lawyer. The second is a Christian, lesbian dj. The third is a devoted, well-behaved Muslima who is being kept down by her future husband. The moviemaker knows how to avoid obvious twists, she finds other turns throughout the characters instead. The nightlife in Tel Aviv is one of those turns. Despite Tel Aviv being a city, it is also a character in the movie. It’s like the magic land of Oz for young people who try to escape the depressing society of the countryside. The director does not avoid sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. It’s an intriguing, feminine, energetic portrait of the clash between cultures in Tel Aviv. Openings movie MOOOV 2017.

Arabic speaking / Dutch subtitle
DIRECTOR: Maysaloun Hamoud
Israel, 2016, 96 minutes


Exquisite wine and stunning virgins – 72 for each single man! Such a fantastic image of the after-world is being spread through YouTube by Salafistic sheiks. Journalist Nedjma is doing research on the religiousness of the Algerian people and their vision of the afterlife and how these fantasies shimmer in the daily reality. The movie itself mixes documentary and fiction: Nedjma is a character, the interviews are real. There are relevant questions in the vivid conversations.

Arabic speaking / Dutch subtitle
DIRECTOR: Merzak Allouache
Algeria, 2016, 136 minutes


Mariam, 21 years old, puts on make-up in front of a mirror in the bathroom of a nightclub and tries on a sexy dress she lent from a friend. Back on the dancefloor, she lets her being seduced by an attractive guy, named Youssef. She will spend the whole night, a long night, with him. During the following hours, Miriam will have to fight for her rights and her dignity. But how can justice triumph when it stands side to side of the torturers? Based on a true story, the young debuting moviemaker tells this shocking story throughout nine chapters, each taken in one uninterrupted shot.
Arabic speaking / Dutch subtitle
Kaouther Ben Hania
Tunisia, 2017, 100 minutes